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The mobile phone has become a part of everyday’s life and it serves more than the communication role. Gaming is one of the leading industries in the mobile industry and different phone manufacturers have strived to make suited phones. The HTC Titan has been aimed to serve the gamers’ purpose on the mobile phone, with an overall enhancement for efficiency in both interior and exterior aspects.

Screen display plays a major role when it comes to gaming and the Titan is able to boast an amazing 4.7 inch HD screen. It becomes quite useful in playing games and it is important to safeguard this costly phone by means of HTC Titan screen protector. The screen functions on WVGA technology thereby having a brilliant capacity to display 16.7 million colors. The screen happens to be one of the largest displays installed on a phone and used for applications such as gaming. In gaming the huge screen gives the player crisp and clear images. This screen displays pictures in a 480 x 800 pixel resolution which means that it also supports 720p HD resolution.

Mobile Gaming would not be as popular if the only feature provided by the cell phone was the screen. The HTC Titan is powered by a very powerful 1.5 GHz Scorpion SoC processor. Along with the high speed processor, there is 512 MB of RAM in the phone that enhances its response time and the gaming quality. The touch screen also has a CMOS sensor installed. Its backlight control mechanism and backside illumination system also enhances gaming experience. All these superb features mentioned above in this smart phone further empower it with superb gripping and support. The device measures 131.5 mm in height, 70.7 mm in width and 9.9 mm thick makes the device easy on the hands.  

There are several fittings of this mobile device that also affect game play. The technical side of this device makes it relatively easy to perform many of the gaming tasks you throw at it but there are also other features that make this a favorable device. It also has a accelerometer, a magnetometer and a 6 axis gyroscope that help connect the user to the gaming world. The touch screen also plays a major role because it is able to read all of your commands instantly. These features and parts are essential in making game play and interface with the device excellent.

At the time that you pick up your mobile phone you may want to check out some of the many different HTC Titan accessories like the HTC Titan case to help protect your device as you conquer different worlds when you are gaming. The SRS surround sound system of the phone can be ousted through the phone’s internal speakers or via head phones connected to the phone via the 3.5 mm audio jack or via the 2.1 Bluetooth systems. The phone may also be connected to external speakers for enhanced output.

The final feature that this phone has to increase your gaming capabilities is the large amount of memory storage at its disposal. A flash memory of 16GB makes it smart enough for storing plenty of games. Its latest Windows OS enhances gaming experience as it supports a lot of free games available in the market today. This means that users can easily download many games; all they really need to do is just look for them. The battery of the phone can support up to 5 hours of uninterrupted game playing.

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